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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just another day in. . .


Our mucky, slushy drive to preschool this morning was the highlight of my day. Why? Most definitely NOT because of the weather. More so, because of these 3 blessings. . .You see, my beloved minivan is spending its' second night at the repair shop or at the "minivan hotel" as we call it around here. So, I got to drive the Saturn this morning (which made me VERY thankful for my minivan). 3 coats. . check. 6 shoes on. . .check. Backpack. . .check. Porter grabbed 4 shovels, his toy gun, and I began the task of buckling them up. Seriously, I could not squish my hand between the carseats to buckle them in. When I eventually did, I thought, "How will I ever get them out of there?" As I began driving I felt a very cold breeze. Let's just say that I now know why there's a LOCK button up front so that the backseat riders CANNOT unroll windows on their own. I decided to forgo the lock button and let them have some fun with the windows on our ride to preschool. They let the snow come in, caught it on their tongues, shot pretend deer with Porter's gun, and accidentally hit me on the head with a plastic shovel. Whew. I did manage to get Ainsley out of her carseat and in to preschool. Before I knew, it was time to pick her up. And, we were late. Thankfully she was ALL SMILES when I picked her up and I said, "Sorry I'm so late sweetie." She said, "You weren't late mommy. The other mommies were just early because they were in a hurry." Thanks Ainsley girl. Whew. Speaking of things Ainsley says, tonight I said, "God makes our bodies work in amazing ways." (we were talking about elbows and wrists) She said, "Just like He's amazing!" I'm so glad she knows what an amazing God we have! On to our ride home. . . our 3rd child is falling asleep these days on his own in his big boy bed, without even crying, so I did not want him to fall asleep on the ride home. Thus me saying, "Wake him up kids. . .keep him awake!!"

"We can't mommy! His eyes won't open!" "Let me sleep!"Sweet Trey. Apparently he doesn't want to have morning breath :)

Oh, for some NOT ME fun. . .

I DID NOT tell Porter to stop putting his toy gun out the window when I saw a cop car

I DID NOT have to pull over the van this week and discipline one of my children

I DID NOT run and hide in the minivan with my husband while we were playing hide and seek with the kids. NOT US!

I DID NOT lick the coolwhip out of the coolwhip bowl. . then resort to using my finger to get the bowl clean. NOT ME!!!

I DID NOT witness Trey eating half a bag of baby carrots cooked and a large container of mandarin oranges for his lunch.

Lastly, I DID NOT cry while reading that Jack died in the Laura and Mary books.

Ah, isn't it BLISSful when they get along?!

Just another day in Paradise snowy SD!


Hollie said...

Aww more snow we only got rain yesterday but sounds like we are supposed to get snow this weekend. Ty and Trey have the same car seat:) Gabe saw a picture of Porter and asked if that was him:)

TMG said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! We are currently waiting for a referral of (more than likely 2 boys). Again we should have them this year sometime, but nothing is guaranteed with international adoption.


Angel Larsen said...

oops I was signed in with my husbands account and didn't realize it:)

Holly said...

LOL at the toy gun in front of the police car! That's hilarious!