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Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentines Cooking Class

We recently joined a homeschool group that'd we'd been a part of when we first started homeschooling, but it always seemed like the field trips were during naptime, or were for older kids and I had a whole crew of lil ones.  Anyway, we are able to go to more now, and they have a ton of field trips!  Today Ainsley and Trey got to go to Plums Cooking Co (if they were making meat and potatoes Porter would have gone ;) 
They made Cupids Arrow Fruit Skewers, Strawberry Fruit Dip, and Cupid's Arrow Tomatoes. . .


 They also made Love Potion to drink (Trey thought the SodaStream was pretty neat)

Lastly, they made Valentines Push up Pops with cake, frosting and sprinkles!  We did bring pushup pop containers home for the other boys :)
It's such a fun store, and they did a great job leading the field trip!

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