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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Homeschool Update

I get asked a lot about homeschooling, and one misconception I've gotten a lot lately is that to homeschool you have to be super structured and ambitious.  Not so.  Some of my mama friends like to get up and "do school" right away.  If that works for them that's great. But I've realized it's not us.  We live our life, trying to put God first and then family.  School is a part of our life.  We get some reading, writing, math, science and social studies done each week (yes, I like to use a curriculum to help me know we're on track. . still figuring out curriculums I like since what worked with Ainsley isn't always the best fit for Porter), but if we feel like having a read aloud day, we do.  If we feel like going on a field trip, we do.  If we feel like having friends over, we do.  I like to keep things flexible. . it works for us. . and really, someone once said that the goal is not Harvard, but Heaven.  Am praying that God can help us mold these little hearts first and foremost.  Of course I want them to learn what they need to academically and enjoy learning, but I have become a pretty laid back, flexible homeschooler this year.  If God puts it on your heart, I encourage you to pray about it.  God puts different things on each of our hearts, as I'm learning in Nehemiah, and I am thankful God has put homeschooling on our hearts. 

(on a side note, I totally set the books up to look cute :)  But seriously if you ever have the opportunity to do a Kelly Minter study, I highly recommend!  I may even get to hear her and Jen Hatmaker speak this spring!!)

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Christin said...

I'm doing the same study right now, Emily! And I'm curious where Kelly and Jen will be speaking, because I like them both!