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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Totally Two

Ryker is such a little ham and I keep thinking how totally two he is. . .he hasn't been the earliest of talkers, but since he's started talking, the things he says are so sweet. . .From "Toby Mac Eye On It!" to "are you?" for where are you.  From "really missed you mommy" to "i love you so muchy muchy" as he grabs me around the neck.  His words aren't the only thing we find totally two. . his actions make us smile also. . .like coming over to pat me on the back when I sneeze to make sure im ok.  He drew all over the table the other day, stood back to admire his work, raised his arms, and said, "Ta Da!!" He is quick to call all his siblings to "uppertime!" and he is very polite. . ."Some popcorn please too mommy. Thank you mommy." He is often at my heels asking to be lifted up. I act like he's very heavy and he finds that oh so fun. Whenever Ryker's siblings say something and laugh, he is quick to say the same thing and start giggling at himself too. . . he seriously has the best laugh! He loves to "nuggle," and I sure love to snuggle him too.

He wouldn't be two without some trouble though. . .the other day we took care of one of his little friends, and both two year old boys wanted the same pink barbie vacuum the entire day. Ryker had never played with the vacuum before and he hasn't played with it since, but if it was the item his friend wanted, he sure wanted it too. I heard a lot of "mine" that day from both boys. Totally two.

He also wouldn't be two without some messes, and he proudly declares, "I made a big messy!"  He loves to go potty like the big boys but it doesn't always make it in the toilet. Enough said. And the other night Ryan woke me up saying urgently, "our two year old just puked in our bed." I replied so very kindly (or not) with, "That's Gross!!"                               (Ryker bein like his big bros)

I feel like I've just gotten to completely enjoy this totally 2 yr old. . and his siblings feel the same. . Trey often hugs him saying, "I just love babies."  Porter sets him up to some trouble that they both find hilarious.  And Ainsley is just such a huge help with him.  Ryker, you brighten our days. . .even if you insist on sleeping on the floor with no blankie and a monster truck in your hand.

Porter helped Ryker through this whole bounce house, lifting him up, so they could slide down together at the end.  That's what brothers are for :)                    (my lego duplo builders)

 Did I mention he's a huge fan of cars, but not a huge fan of pants?  I suppose if you look that cute in a diaper its ok :)

we love you Ryker!

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