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Saturday, January 14, 2012


About 9 years ago I found out I was going to be a mommy!

One thing that has been huge for me, in my mommying journey, is MOPS. I started going when I was home with a new baby, and knew no other young moms. I remember approaching another mom at church one Sunday, who also had a baby girl. We met up at Panera, and then many mornings after that at my house, and also attended MOPS together. I am so thankful for her friendship! Shortly after that, we moved and the first church we visited we chose partly because it had a MOPS group at it. . .and also I told God that if we made it through the service (with 2 small children) it would be our church home. Ainsley fell asleep and we made it through the service :) A divine miracle! I have been a part of that MOPS group ever since and on the leadership team many years. . . it is just a great place of encouragement for mothers! I keep having babies, so will probably go straight from MOPS to MOMSnext to mentor mom ;)

Another thing that has been huge for me is dates with my children. That one on one time that either GooF or I have with them has really grown our relationships! Dates for mom and dad are key too :) Even if it's just a redbox movie when the kids are in bed and I have to nurse halfway through. ha. I enjoy getting to know each individual child, even while at home. Every night when I tuck Trey in, he gets kisses "from your head. . .to your toes. . .to your nose." That's just a Trey and mommy thing.

And there you have it, MOPS and dates are important to me, while doing this thing called mommying.

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Bethany said...

Oh Emily! Thank you for coming to talk to me at church and noticing my daughter's ducky dress. And for having me over to your house when I felt embarrassed to have anyone over to my house. I'm so glad we went to MOPS together... and look where it's gotten us now! I am thankful for your friendship too, and I'm sure many other MOPS moms in SD would say the same thing. You will be a great mentor mom some day. ;0)