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Saturday, January 14, 2012


Activities. There are so very many to choose from. By homeschooling Ainsley and Trey,
and Porter at school only in the am, we are able to be pretty flexible with our schedule. We can still make our family time a priority, with meals together, etc and allow them to try activities. Ainsley has found many things she enjoys and does pretty well at. . .gymnastics,


soccer, Girl Scouts, and she can start "Girls on the Run" in the fall. We will not be trying any other new activities with her unless she starts to not like what she's in. The kids also take piano from Grammy, and we used to go to Wed night church activities, but they are late for Porter. Hopefully we will start up with those again soon. Porter and Trey went to their first karate class with GooF and LOVED it. He said it is right up their ally. . .yelling, kicking, punching, etc :) The instructor is amazing with kids. . .he is a Christian dad and values great character traits! He spoke at our MOPS group recently and I was hooked. It is something all the boys can do together, but it is pretty expensive for a family, so we shall see. Trey says he wants to try football too, and Porter wants to join Boy Scouts next year. Ryker seems to enoy his "sissy's" tap shoes :) Really though, whatever the kids find that they enjoy, and are able to use their God given talents with, be it wrestling or acting or whatever, we are good with. Anyway, being more free to try activities, while still keeping family time a priority, is one of the great perks of homeschooling!

Growing up, I tried all sorts of activities from show choir to volleyball. And as an adult I have many activities I like, from homemaking ones like baking, crafting, and decorating, to kid related ones, like teaching and mommying. I've always enjoyed some form of exercise, be it aerobics with a friend, or running, and I most definitely enjoy building relationships with other moms and having them in my home. We enjoy serving as a family and going on outings together. And those are my ramblings as far as activities are concerned! But please children, if you don't mind, we'd rather you not be on the debate team. GooF and I are not much for debating :) But even if you are, we will still support you. . .

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