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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How's School Going?!

Ryan and I both feel so good about school for our crew this year!

Trey had a great first day of preschool and that was it. The day we decided not to send him back, he was so excited to come to the table for "homepreschool" as he called it. Although I know kids sometimes have to do things even if they don't want to, 2 yrs of preschool isn't one of those things for us. It was a battle we decided not to fight, esp since he has Sunday School and MOPPETS. He has been loving "homepreschool" . . .who wouldn't? At your kitchen table in your jammies?! :) Full of smiles.

Having him at home in the mornings provides more opportunity for this. . .

The 1/2 day kindergarten is going well for Porter. He was thrilled that he counted to 100 and got his 8 "popcorn" words (aka sight words) correct. They recently had a grandparents day program and Porter made some great artwork of him on a curly slide at my parents house.

Porter loves to make his friends laugh and he had the opportunity to do that when he got to be baby Isaac (from the Bible) at school, so he tells me :)
Having him at home in the afternoon provides more opportunity for this. . .

I feel so blessed to be able to homeschool Ainsley. The teaching part comes naturally to me, and she is such a joy to have as a student, with her kind, sweet heart that loves God and others. She made the hot soccer coach proud when she scored the winning goal of their last game ;) and she's enjoying girlscouts and ballet. As well as reading, writing and multiplication.
But those come second, in my opinion, to guiding/directing the children as they become the people God wants them to be. I read recently that all you need to homeschool is a Bible, a library card, and a good math curriculum :)

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