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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our week in photos. . .

I like that the neighborhood kids gather at our home. . .I felt like such a mom this wk feeding them cookies and getting them apple slices so they could "catch fruit flies."

Porter. . .just being neighborly :)


Jess :) said...

Hey you!! Cute pics!! The kids are so adorable...and getting so big! :)

Anyways, just to let you know...Jason was flying solo. However, it had been reported that he was on his way to see (possibly break-up with) Molly. Who knows. I haven't heard much since Easter in regards to him or their relationship status.

However, when Heather and my nephew had gotten off of the plane and were just waiting for Kyle (brother-in-law) to get the carseat...Heather said that Jason walked right out towards them, but then turned to the right and went into a bookstore. So, that was the last of the sighting! :)

Thanks for asking!!!!!
Have a fabulous day!

Pink Slippers said...

Your home looks as fun as mine. First time visitor. Cute blog!

Holly said...

Absolutely adorable photos!

Nikki said...

congrats on getting on MckMama's blog Em!! Love ya!