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Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

I have the song "Watch the Lamb" blaring on youtube while I write this. Tears are streaming down my face. As a child, our church would act out this song, and being the pastors daughter and all, I remember being one of the children carrying a real lamb down the aisle of the church. The words, "Daddy daddy, what will we see there," bring tears to my eyes every time. . .I remember looking up at my daddy during that part. If you've never heard it, youtube it. And that, is the real meaning of Easter. Ryan just asked if I'm ok out here :) We will be doing resurrection eggs this wknd to help our children understand the real meaning of Easter. . .Ainsley looks forward to them all year! She saw the carton for them and said, "should I go get the little cross?!" Our children are so blessed to have two sets of grandparents that know and love Jesus, and love them! We spent the day with Ryan's parents today, and we love ourselves a good Easter Egg hunt. . .

Yes, that's poopy on Trey's pants. . .within minutes of arriving in Yankton, he had poopy on his pants and chocolate on his shirt. . .did I mention soon after I had apple juice on my shirt? At MOPS, the apple juice on my shirt would be evidence of a GOOD MOMMY DAY!
Thanks Gramma Becky and Grampa Seth for all the goodies! Porter had such a fun day playing with your airplanes and toy guns. . .he asked if he could come tomorrow and the next tomorrow and the next tomorrow.We also love ourselves a spring morning at the park feeding the ducks. . .Love Grandpas and Porters hands. . .Yes, my hair keeps getting shorter. . .mmm. . .I love to squeeze you Ainsley. . .And playing. . .

Girl, you can fly!
And lastly, we do love ourselves some sibling love around here. . .

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