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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where can I get me some of them?!

UPDATE: oh, my boys. I grew up with sisters, and continue to be amazed at boys. Porter climbed to the top of our snow pile, made a snowball, and waited, while he watched the garbage truck come down our street. I thought, "what is he doing?" Well, he waited til the garbage truck drove in front of our house and he THREW that snowball at the garbage truck. I could see the driver laughing :) Boys. Where can I get me some of them BOYS?!

Yesterday morning I looked at the clock and tried to figure out if we could make it to a carwash and groceries before story time?! With the help of my 3 lovely assistants we did it. As I had all 3 SQUISHED in the top part of the cart with 2 steering wheels, eating donut holes, a nice OLD man stopped me and said, "Where can I get me some of them?" (referring to my 3 lovely assistants) :) He made me smile.

These 3 also make very fine waiters. . .the other morning (after being up in the night with a puking 1yr old), Ainsley and Porter sent me to bed. I could hear them trying to be quiet and sneaky as they prepared me breakfast. I laid in bed praying that they'd manage the milk and OJ and cereal on the top shelf of the pantry ok, and that they wouldn't attempt coffee :) Pretty soon they came in carrying a tv tray and woke up their pretending to be asleep mama and this is what I saw. . .

Thank you kids :)

It was an absolutely perfect snowman making day yesterday! Porter made the bottom of the snowman and Ainsley the top, while I made the middle. . .looks as if they out did me. . .

The snowman making went much better than our bike ride around the block, in which many people had not scooped the sidewalk :)

And for your viewing enjoyment, we have Trey talking on 2 videos. . .daddy taught him to say pretty, for mommy. . .


Hollie said...

Gotta love boys:) The 30's and 40's sure beat the -20 stuff from last week, this week has gone so much faster since we actually got out of the house. Your breakfast in bed was so nice:)

Lindsay said...

I hope you keep blogging....I like feeling like I'm catching up with you guys through your blog. The green is our entire main level(it's an open plan). It's Mossy Rock from Behr(sp?) - Home Depot. I have a few extra gallons if you want to visit us and pick it up!