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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

NOT blogging

I am NOT already blogging again, because I have other things to do. But if I was blogging, here's what I'd write. . .

Ainsley's first slumber party was a hit. . .the only tears came when the cousins had to leave each other the next morning. You would've thought they lived farther than a five minute walk away from each other!
Here is a conversation from the dinner table at the slumber party (in which Trey ate EVERYONES left over mint bon bon ice-cream). . .

Ainsley: We can't get a cat, because my mom is allergic.
Tae: We don't have a cat either.
Ainsley: But you do have a fish.
Tae: No, he died.
Porter: (Look of complete disbelief and sadness on his face!!)
Ainsley: How'd he die?
Me: maybe he was old.
Tae: Fish are a lot of work.
Me: Are kids a lot of work?
Ainsley: No
Tae: But babies are :)

Followed by this conversation. . .not at the dinner table. . .
Tae: "Your toilet paper is so soft. What kind is it?"
Me: Charmin.
Tae: "It feels like a blanket!"

I finished knitting my first hat with the knifty knitter. The brim is a bit long :) but Ainsley LOVES it, and has been wearing it non-stop. You could say it was made with love.

Trey and I had a fun-filled game of "where's Trey?" this morning. . .And, one of my favorite blogs to read is She is the creator and queen of the not me's. We have emailed back and forth some. . .we share a love of God, along with a love for baby names and all things colorful. And now, for my NOT ME'S. . .

After finishing grocery shopping, I did NOT give my 3 and 1/2 yr old a full box of cheese nips in his seat in the van. And even if I had, he did NOT accidentally spill them ALL on the floor of the van as I pulled out of my parking spot. After picking them up, he did NOT accidentally spill them ALL again. . .it is NOT hard for a 3 and 1/2 yr old to hold onto balloons from the grocery store and a box of cheese nips. I did NOT leave them on the floor of the van while we drove to get Ainsley from preschool, and as we were driving, I did NOT notice a car accident and think that spilled cheese nips are not that bad.

I do NOT have a chocolate cake baking in the oven as I type, because we're only eating healthy food this new year! And even if there was a cake in the oven, I did NOT make it so that my house would smell good, in an attempt to get rid of the mexican food smell.

I did NOT hear Porter say to Ainsley, "I'll pretend to be the baby kitty and you be the mommy kitty and I'll drink milk from you." Babies drinking milk from mommies?! How'd they learn about that?!

As we were leaving preschool today a mom did NOT stop me and say, "did you just call him Porter?" "That's my FAVORITE boy name."

And now, I leave you with my favorite photo. . . do you suppose she's reading about Jonah or perhaps Jesus walking on water?!

Oh yes, but anyway, I am NOT blogging because I have other things to do!! :)

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Bethany said...

Thanks for your blogging "come back" Emily, I was giggling at the slumber party conversations and laughed out loud about the cheese nips! Tonight Elliott spilled cereal out of her "spill proof" snack cup not once but twice... but I didn't have to clean it up because I have a dog!