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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bubbles and Brothers

Trey loves to not only say "bubbles," but to play with them! And when it's too cold to play outside, I need a little bubble fun myself!

Those little overalls make me want to just pick him up and squeeze him!

OK, so Ainsley has been wishing for a sister. . . and if she can't have one yet, she'll settle for a brother who will dress up like a sister :)
Mom and dad drew the line at undergarments :)

I must say, that even while he was playing dress-up, he still acted ALL BOY. . .here he is with his "ROCKETSHIP BOOSTER BACKPACK!"Just me and my brothers. . .

one of which is hiding from the camera. . .
Ainsley had Muffins with Mom and Gramma this week for M week at preschool (forgot my camera, but she ran in and gave grammy a huge hug), and here she is heading of to preschool with dad in their knitted hats. . .
And how is she liking preschool these days? Let's just say that she'd rather be at home, but she did enjoy the science experiment they did with snow. I am planning on sending her to kindergarten next year. . .I know she would benefit academically from being homeschooled. . .she is SO self-motivated and enjoys learning. . .plus, she gets frustrated when she can't finish her snack/work in the time allowed, but not sure it is best for me/our family. I know God has given me a passion for kids and homemaking (from the time I said, "yes, yes, yes, I got a baby that-a-way" at Christmas as a small child), but not sure I have that passion for homeschooling. You can continue to pray for us, and that God gives her a loving, Christian teacher next year that understands her (no, I don't mean myself, unless of course I change my mind :) ), and a few great friends!

Porter had an early childhood evaluation this week and was well liked :) He called the lady testing him a Dr (one of the many times he made her smile). . .I overheard her ask him, "what would you do if you broke someone's toy?" He said, "I'd tell them I'm sorry." Yes, he's learning the important things in life, like forgiveness. You can pray for him as we get his speech checked further in Feb.

And Trey, well, I'd like to pick him up and squeeze him in these jammies too. . .he's waiting to wave at daddy heading off to work. . .

Trey's zipper broke on his coat (you can just picture me trying to get him out of his coat with a broken zipper), so we headed to Old Navy to get a new coat and this regularly 42 dollar coat was 5 dollars!!!!!! I love when all the winter clothes go on sale. . .I start stocking up for the next winter!OK, so I guess, why really would you want to go to preschool if your best playmate was at home?!

In other news, Ryan's parents came this weekend and worked on our basement bathroom. . .I took the kids out for some fun in the snow so they could work!One of the reasons I began blogging, other than to share some of our flip flop family fun (minus the flip flops in this weather), is bc I loved to read other's blogs. Mckmama on had the best post on what's up with mother's guilt today. . . you MUST read it. . .when I got done, I said AMEN! I couldn't agree more sister in Christ!!!

Another blog I read asked to think of one fact about ourselves. . .seriously, taking the time to think about myself. . .hmmm. . .I finally came up with this little fact. . .every time I make a batch of cookies, I use the last of the cookie dough to make a heart shaped cookie for GooF :) Yes, my cookie loving husband gets a heart out of the last of the cookie dough. . then I usually scrape the sides of the bowl and leave him a spoonful of cookie dough in the fridge.

Did I mention this handsome husband of mine overestimated me. . .he thought I wouldn't blog til mid Feb :)


Megan said...

wow! she wore TWO hats! it is THAT cold outside, so it makes sense! :) i did go to the falls, but only for about 10 minutes....


Bethany said...

Has Elliott had a haircut... you are funny. Elliott still has hardly any hair!
Love the pics of Porter, and will pray for his speech eval. Sometimes it's hard being the mommy and making all the big decisions, isn't it?! But you and Ryan will make the right choices for your kids because you are such good parents.

Laura Rupp said...

Emily. Great pics and comments as usual. Wondering how you get the cube of pics?? I was going to say, that today's sermon, on prayer, really speaks to us about asking God for what we desire..and God answers. I know He will give you the direction as far as school goes. I continually prayed for the kids before we started school and now as well. So, far, the teachers have been great! Also, I heard from both teachers that their students have been great too(unlike other years). I know that is all due to God's answers to a mother's prayers.

Ainsley said...

Hey Emily! Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog. You have such adorable children!

Growing up I never met another Ainsley... and then a few years ago I starting hearing the name pop up here and there in little girls. I love it.

My mom found my name in a boy's name book 31 years ago and thought it would make a great girl's name. It was sort of the Scottish version of England's "Ashley," which was also a boy's name 100 years ago. =)