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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Girls Day '10

My mom took my sisters, myself, and Ainsley and Taetum (adorned in Laura and Mary dresses) on a girls day to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Musical and a fancy lunch at Minervas! The girls squealed with delight when they got to try on the dresses, aprons and bonnets that Grammy sewed!
The girls got ooohed and aaahed over all day :)

Sewn just how they requested. . .Ainsley light pink and Taetum pink and lavender :)
The musical was wonderful as was spending the day with the girls!

Ainsley aka Mary and Taetum aka Laura. . .And I must say thanks my wonderful husband who had a boys day with our boys. . .they rode bikes all the way to grocery store for "sample Saturday" and rode home uphill with chocolate milk and steaks to grill for their lunch :)

I so enjoyed having you sit on my lap during the musical Ainsley, and sharing this day with you! You are such a sweetheart. . .the night before the musical you were laying in bed reading a Little House book, and you told daddy you couldn't put it down because the smell of the book reminded you of mommy reading it to you :) I love reading chapter books to you at bedtime Ainsley!

I love my family and thank God for them,

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