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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Camping with Friends

There was hot dogs, smores, burnt pizzas over the fire, laughter, sandcastles,
park play,

sandy smiling children,
clay foot spas for the moms,

silly daddys,creature hunting, more sandy smiling children,minnow torturing, rock throwing contests,
Baywatch boys,Sun bleached hair,
keepin things G rated :),

playing at the leach and crawdad infested beach,

sitting by the fire,

and of course tired children, crying when we had to release the toads, storms in the night, ticks, and smoky smelling hair to wash and clothes to unpack when we got home. But it's all worth it for the memories made with friends! And of course some friendly blackmail photos and stories that won't be being shared on my blog :)

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