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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

For their friendship. . .

we are thankful! I love that the dads are so similar. . .they love God and make their wives and children a priority in their lives. "Can't we just play 5 more minutes?"We have a running joke with these two dads. . .one day when we were all at the zoo, Michelle and I were walking up ahead. . .we looked back and there were Matt and Ryan, each holding on to one of Trey's hands, walking with him and swinging him. Michelle and I both started laughing, thinking the same thing. . .it appeared as if Trey had two dads :) It has been great for Ryan to start attending a mens Bible Study that Matt goes to, and I have been attending a womens Bible Study that Michelle goes to. Everyone at their church has been very welcoming and inviting. Yes, for their friendship, we are thankful. I love that we parent very similar and they are so good with our kids. . .Michelle and I have been friends for 24 years, and we are so thankful for their friendship!

And, how is homeschooling going? Thanks for asking :) I really enjoy my afternoon time that I spend one on one with Ainsley. The math curriculum we are using, "Math U See" is great. . .I love how they teach the +8 and +9 math facts. By the end of this semester, she will be done with first grade math! She loves to teach Porter his kindergarten math :)

I really like VoWac too. . .a lot of the information she already knew but it is going well. We also spend time reading "guided reading" books and journaling. At bedtime we do "read alouds" of chapter books. As for my mornings, we all do our devotions/flag/calendar time/weather and then it's just a hodge podge of art, science, social studies etc things I come up with. If I continue to homeschool I would like curriculum for those areas. A lot of times our mornings are spent with friends over, or running errands, on field trips, playing, etc. And truthfully it is hard to get much "teaching" done with all 3 of them. Will I continue doing it next year? I am taking one day, one hour, one minute at a time :)


Jess :) said...

Awwww...what a sweet post!! Great friends are the BEST, aren't they?!?! :) Matt and Michelle are pretty okay, too!! ;) ;) J/K

I had no idea you were going to Bible Study with her now?? How fun!

Looks and sounds like Ainsley is one smart cookie! What a lucky little girl to have her amazing mommy teaching her...even if it is just for the rest of this year.

Andy and Jennifer said...

So glad you still have time for friends! I am amazed you paint...and move...and still fit school in.