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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Saturday morning Ainsley was invited to a friend's "pajama party!" This was right up her alley! Then my oldest sister, Jenny, arrived in town for Taetum's pool party and overnight at hotel. She stopped by with Willow, who Porter has a very special bond with. . .Man's best friend. . .As you can see, Ainsley was still sportin her pajama party attire. . .And Trey got himself in a predicament. . .But Auntie Jenny rescued him from the snow :)

Ainsley was giddy when she found out her baby cousin was born, and set to work right away making a card. She is so full of love. . .a picture of her holding baby Mollie :)
Happy Birth Day Mollie Ellin Louise! We have been praying for you and your mommy and daddy and we love you all!
It was then off to Taetum's 6th Birthday Party!

What a sweet group of kindergarten girls aka Beach Babes (Taetum, Taylor, Sarah, Madison, Jadelyn, and Ainsley)

Porter kept asking, "which one's Ainsley?" So many girls. . what to do. I had told Porter he could come if he could act like a six yr old. . he told me he wan't sure but he could try :) Love his honesty, and he did great! Trey prefers to watch the action. . . He continues to be my least active child. . .content to snuggle Grammy and sit by her and color. . .
My dad has always been so fun in the pool! Ainsley was so excited that she was the first grandchild to jump of grampas shoulders!
These three "friends from the start" were so cute at present time. Ainsley and Maddie could hardly contain their excitement giving Taetum an easy bake oven :)
I pray their friendship will be lifelong. . .
Typical 6 yr old party, with a little girl informing GooF "she was going to invite him to her 7th birthday, but now she's not" :)
The next morning Ainsley and Porter ran down to Taetum and Bridgers room at 7 am to wake them up :) Thus, five kids in our room. . .

This would be Trey telling me I could sleep on the floor bc he was sleeping with daddy. . .
and how they really ended up. . .

GooF took the kids for an early morning swim and we had a delicious continental breakfast!
Happy Birthday Taetum Elizabeth! I remember the day you were born. . .we stood in a circle as a family, holding hands, crying, and praying for you and your mommy. We praise God for both of your lives! And then Ainsley spit up all over the hospital floor :) Both of you look overjoyed in this photo :)After you and Ainsley survived the terrific twos together, and Steph and I came out with an even stronger friendship and respect for each other as mommiesyou have become best of friends! Happy 6th Birthday Taetum Elizabeth! You are a beautiful child of God! We love you!
I have been challenged to take a facebook, blog reading, texting less, break. . .in order to spend more time in "skin relationships" and more time in worship with God. If the kids are down for rest and I have extra time for my hobby of blogging, I will be back to write more :)

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