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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Air Vents and Giggles

Protectors. Warriors. Boys.

The other morning I woke to the sound of a dog howling and Porter immediately went and got his sword "to protect mommy from the howling wolves." I could say it a hundred times, but that boy is as strong willed and equally as sweet as they get. He is either in time out, or giving me hugs, kisses and I love yous. His cousin was over the other day, and shortly after telling me my "house is beautiful" had a sword in his hand. Protectors. Warriors. Boys.

Who knew searching for buried treasure in our air vents could be so entertaining? Explorers. Boys. With a sword in one hand and a tool in the other.

Bridger: "I will try to fit down the air vent." Porter: "Your head is not rectangle." Me: laughing

Protectors. Warriors. Explorers. Boys.

And the girls? I drove them in the van today. Giggles. Constant jabber. Giggles. Constant jabber. Giggles. Talking about feelings. Loving each other. Twirls. Pink. Tutu. Compassionate. Sugar and Spice. Girls.

And that's just how God intended them to be!

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