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Life Verse Design

Thursday, September 17, 2009

HoDgE pOdGe

Police Officer Porter. . .directing traffic on our street. . .
PaInTiNg PoTtErY. . .SnUgGlInG bAbY dOlLs. . .JuSt BeIn 5 aNd 2. . .
Off to our first morning of MOPS (with his backpack like his big siblings). . .how'd he do? He missed mommy. . .it's just because moms so fun, right?! :) Impromtu Slumber Party. . .I love these girls. . .
Look at how the cousins are sleeping the same :)
Oh, and if I don't have any pics to post for a week, it's because I'm camera-less. . .some little hands got their hands on my camera one too many times. . .but hey, look at the great shot they captured of me :)

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