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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Delegate Assembly

Ainsley was so excited to come home and tell us that she was chosen, along with a little boy in her class, to represent her classroom in the school's "delegate assembly." Her classroom (along with every other classroom) came up with some rules that they thought would make good "all school rules." Then, 2 students (delegates) from each class met together with the principal and counselor, to read their classrooms suggestions and work together to make "all school rules." Ainsley told me, "I think she chose Noah and I because we can read." :) Ainsley was a little teary after hugging and kissing (many times) me this morning, but as she was walking down the hallway to the assembly, teary eyed, I looked and Noah was holding her hand. What a kind hearted boy he is. We went to college with his parents, and I pray that these two, along with many others in her class, will be shining examples of Christs love to their peers. I have had the privilege of praying together with other moms this year. I am leading the moms in touch group and how awesome it has been to bring our praises, confessions, thanks, and prayer requests to the Lord. A huge praise for me is that Ainsley's principal, along with her teacher, have sent on prayer requests for our moms in touch group. Her art teacher and music teacher are both Christians, and I thank God for their influence in her life. She loves to come home and tell me all about her music teacher's dresses/outfits, and she loves that if she has a dress on in music, she can sit like a lady instead of cross-legged :) You better believe she always wears a dress on music days!She told me that some boys in school like her. . .I said, "How do you know?" She told me that she can kind of read their minds :) She also told me that the boys are one of the nicest parts of school because they put her chair up on the table for her.

With all that being said, do I still think about homeschooling? Yes. Will I homeschool? Maybe some year. But that is a whole other post. For the time being, I will enjoy my days spent doing all things boyish (along with dishes, laundry, cooking, shopping, etc), and my evening "play dates" with my daughter. Way to go Ainsley on being chosen to represent your classroom! We love you, all the time, no. matter. what!

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6 Bottelberghe's said...

What a sweet post! It seems that things are adjusting well for you guys and Ainsely is doing well in kindergarten. If it is in the Lord's plans for you to homeschool He will show you that, but for now this is the direction that the Lord is taking you and it seems to be a GREAT fit!!! I love keeping up with your little family through your blog! Keep it up!!