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Monday, September 14, 2009


Froggy #1: Ainsley and I came home one evening and the boys had caught a little frog while mowing the yard, and put him in an ice cream bucket. We decided we'd keep it as a pet, so we bought a little cage, some froggy food, and let him stay in our house. GooF woke me up the next morning by saying, "I have some bad news. . froggy is not in his container." YUCK. I WAS GROSSED OUT. Where could froggy be?! He had to be somewhere in my house! I watched where I stepped. . .I checked to see if he was on my plant. . .I looked on top of my cupboards. I kept thinking we'd find him somewhere in the house that day, but we did not. Luckily the kids were not upset. . they were excited about solving the mystery. Well, we have not found him YET.

Froggy #2: We were looking at a new home and when we looked out the basement window, Ryan saw a BIG frog stuck in the window well. So, Porter got him out, put him in a cup that we had in the car, and we drove him home to our frog cage. We have been feeding him crickets, listening to him "ribbit," playing in the baby pool with him, and chasing him around the yard. The JOYS of BOYS. I did touch him once and he was slimy. . .yuck, but I have been doing my part by catching crickets for him with the butterfly net.Porter loves to hold him, swim with him, (yes, they are outside in the baby pool, in their undies/diaper, with a frog). . .chase him, love/torture him. It's about time to let him go, but whenever we bring it up the kids cry. What to do.

Fun with Froggy Oh, and yes, this Froggy does live in the garage. . not my house.

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Bethany said...

I am going to file this under things that will probably never happen at my house. Though I don't know, Elliott is a feisty one.
I would "accidentally" leave the door to the frog cage open. While outside. While the kids are asleep. Then he will hop away and you can honestly say you don't know where he is. Because really, aren't they going to cry even more when they find him dead?