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Thursday, September 3, 2009

20 minutes of ruckus

Just when I thought we had our mornings figured out. . .
7:40am Porter: "Mommy, may I pllllleeeeease have a cookie?" Me: "No, you need to eat breakfast."

7:42 am Both boys dressed and ready to go. . .boys sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast

7:43 am Go in to Ainsley's room. . .help her get dressed and fix her hair

7:45 am Hear the sound of glass breaking. . .run into the kitchen. . .assess the damage (3 broken drinking glasses that were on my kitchen counter). . .assess the scene (Porter at the table, Trey standing on a chair by the counter)

7:46 am Order all children to get into the van, while I quickly clean up some of the broken glass

7:48am Make sure all kids are buckled up, while listening to Porter say, "we're sorry mommy," and saying to them (partly to convince myself), "It's ok. I forgive you boys. I am kinda mad, but it's just glasses."

7:49 am Porter tells me Trey got him a cookie off the counter. . .decide not to fight it at this time

7:51 am Waiting in a looooong line to get into the school parking lot

7:53 am Still waiting. . .saying kids morning prayer

7:55 am Parked and giving kisses to Ainsley in all of her pockets and sleeves

7:56 am Walking through the rain into the school building. Ainsley not wanting to go, and me reassuring her. Checked the school clock and thinking, "whew, we're not tardy. we made it."

7:57 am Giving Ainsley some snuggles and feeling us both relax

7:58 am Getting Ainsley quickly settled in her room. . .kisses, hugs, only a few tears by her, and goodbye

7:59 am Heading down the hall to drop Porter off at speech and realizing there's dried blood on Trey's hands and wiped on his face.

8:00 am Drop Porter off at speech and hope his teacher doesn't notice the blood on his brother.

8:01 am Clean Trey up in the school bathroom and check out the little cut on his finger. Laugh at myself for not realizing it earlier.

8:02 am Wonder whose fault the broken glass was. . .the little bro, who had a cut on his finger and dried blood on his hands that had smeared on his face OR the big bro that talked his little bro into GETTING HIM A COOKIE OFF THE COUNTER BEFORE HE ATE HIS BREAKFAST(disobeying mommy) and little bro did it. . .in the process breaking the glasses!!!!!???!?!?!?

I used to think MY CHILDREN would never cause such a ruckus . I'd be one of those moms that had it all together. Now I know better. Children all cause ruckus and no mom has it all together. . .even if they appear like they do. On a slightly different topic, I posted on facebook that I knew I was a mom when I found shredded cheese in my bra. Well, last night I found woodchips stuck to the outside of my bra. Again, MY CHILD would never throw woodchips. . .or sand or a toy for that matter. God sure made them cute,
and loving, and entertaining,
and forgiving, and funny though, so it's ok to have a little ruckus. . .
Update: 3:00 pm. . .Ainsley had a great day at school. She is very excited about reading buddies (with my sisters 5th grade class). Her reading buddy told her she is a good writer :) Have I mentioned I thank God for Ainsley's teacher and all the little friends she's making and the mommy friends I'm making and having my sister at that school?!


Hollie said...

Oh my do I know how mornings like that go...Sounds like something that would happen at our house. Brothers are the best though:)

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog! What a treasure this is!