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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"The Sun will come out tomorrow"

The sun finally did come out! We have been busy having squirt gun fights, going to the pool, plays in the park (Ainsley got to hug Cinderella and Porter got "knighted" by Prince Charming), family fun night in the park, etc etc etc. So many things I want to write about. . .the cute things the kids have said and done, the many "not me's" the kids and I have "not" done, the Esther Bible Study I'm doing, our decision to send Ainsley to public school next yr (that I'm 95% sure about). . . but there's meals to be made, needs to be met and fun to be had. That leaves little time for blogging. So, I'm hoping to just post some pics of when the sun finally did come out. .


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CycloneMomma said...

I can't believe Ainsley is wearing a sweatshirt!! Hannah tried it the other day and it lasted all of until she walked out the door...and that was over a swimsuit! :)