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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dandelions, Dog, Dolls and Misc

I was sitting at the park the other day chatting with Michelle, when Trey brings me a dandelion. Seriously sweet. How do little children know to pick dandelions for their mommies? Thank you Trey for thinking of me and for the gift!DOGS:
Porter was so cooperatively Ainsley's pet. . .DOLLS:
I got a bag of really cute little dolls at a rummage the other day, and have been playing with them with my doll!

Yes, she is a sun shine girl. . .well, except when her daddy teases her for having a pouty face. . . MISC:
We cleaned out our garage and met a sweet neighbor girl. . .

had Auntie Jenny over! Here she is after following her orders to watch the dolls while the little girls lolligagged in the bathroom :) And playing piano with Ainsley. . .We took the kids bumper bowling for the first time, and I purposefully left my camera in the car. Sure enough Ainsley was bummed that she didn't get her picture bowling, so back in the bowling alley we went, camera in tow. Then sure enough Porter was bummed that he didn't get his picture bowling, so back in the bowling alley we went again. . .
We've been silly. . .

Had some injuries. . .

had family game night. . .

gone nuts when the weather wasn't nice enough to play outside, and spent time painting with just water, and also painting with sidewalk paint. .

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