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Monday, March 9, 2009

Stats. . .

Trey had his 18 mo checkup this morning (although he's 19 mo. . .I remembered to schedule that when he turned 18 months :) ). He weighed in at 23 lb 7 oz which is between 10th-25th % for boys. Our little two footer is now 31.5 in tall, which is 25th %. He's actually pretty similar in size to Ainsley at 18 months. Porter, on the other hand, was more than 3 lb heavier and an inch taller :) My littlest bundle of boy is growing!


Hollie said...

funny Ty was 22lb. 8 oz. and they said 8th percentile and was 31 inches long and they said 12th percentile, isn't it funny how they are so similar in size but the percentiles are different:)

Bethany said...

Elliott is 22 mos now and not even 21 pounds. Sigh.