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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Field Trip

The boys and I went on a field trip to the outdoor campus with Ainsley's preschool class this morning! They learned all about their senses and animal senses! They enjoyed a puppet show. .

seeing a snake close up (not Ainsley's favorite part : ) ), trying on glasses to see what a butterfly sees like, and making a craft. . .am loving the photo below of the boys sitting at the table :) and the one of Ainsley up on her tippy toes teaching Porter :)

We got there a little early, so we took time to look at the wildlife. . .and I tried to answer the kids questions although I am not a wildlife expert :)We even drove by the Sioux River on our way there, which is so exciting to the kids since Laura Ingalls traveled by the Sioux River!

Trey spent the majority of the time in his stroller but was glad to get out and get a closer look at the ducks and birds. . .

When we got in the van afterwards, Trey said, "buckle up."

All in all it was a fun morning!!

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