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Monday, June 30, 2008

Worship in the park

As part of our family reunion this past weekend, my dad led a worship service in the park. Looking around during it, I praised God for placing me in the family that He did. . .one in which we worship Him! The kids were of course thrilled that they got to play, and then pull up a lawn chair, grab a cookie and drink, and sing along with grandpa playing the guitar.

And just because he's darling, here's soon to be 11 month old Trey. . .tasting cookie dough, pulling himself up on me (I love how when he sees me he smiles, reaches out his arms and kicks his legs and if I don't pick him up, he crawls to me and pulls himself up!), playing in the tubby, and sticking out his tongue (his big siblings have taught him many other new tricks too, like shaking his head no with a huge grin)

After going to the zoo this past week, I caught Ainsley teaching Porter all about the animals. Did I mention I got pooped on by a bird in the flamingo cage? Just my toes and flip flops :) And lastly, toeheaded brothers, after getting their haircuts outside. . .


Hollie said...

Your haircut picture reminds me I need to call and make an appointment for both boys soon, they are getting shaggy. Cute pictures:)

Bethany said...

When I was a kid we would have "family church" in the living room in our pjs at family reunions and I loved that too.
Trey is too cute, though it took me a minute to figure out what "toeheaded" meant! I thought it was another funny SD word!