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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Florida Family Vacation: Day 7

We spent time at the Wave Pool and Lazy River at Aquatica. . .
 We also went back to Sea World so we could do the Turtle Trek and Ainsley and Porter could feed the dolphins. . .

 Ainsley has loved sea turtles ever since she was a little girl and we spent many days at the Omaha Zoo. . .

 yes, we held dead fish in our hands. . .for the love of the dolphins

So, GooF said I have to post about my stinky flip flops, but if you don't want to read about my feet that reeked, just please quit reading now. The day of the tropical storm, I walked to the store to get cookie dough. . .in my flip flops. . .they got wet and they took on this HORRIBLE ODOR. I washed them in the washing machine (I was washing pukey stuff anyway) and they were clean for a short time, before we got caught in another downpour leaving aquatica. They got soaked once again by the Florida rain, and we had to pack them in a seperate pocket of our checked suitcase (that we are now airing out) to get them home. We couldn't stand to be in the minivan or on the airplane with them. . .they were THAT BAD.   That's the stinky truth about my flip flops. 

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