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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Florida Family Vacation: Day 2

I have wanted to visit Disney World for quite some time, so was pretty excited to see the Magic Kingdom sign!

After we parked (along with thousands of other people) we got to ride this trolley thing that took us to a ferry that then took us to Magic Kingdom.  The trolley was an experience.  As I was straddling my folded up stroller on it, the driver asked me to move to an edge since kids can't be on an edge.  I think my words to him were, "you've got to be kidding me :)."  He wasn't kidding.  So I moved, enormous backpack and all, and GooF heard some guy say "we need a camera for this." lol.  Anyway here we are, excited to be OFF the trolley and headed to the ferry boat!!


First stop at Magic Kingdom was Adventureland. . .

The whole crew. . .my parents, sisters, our husbands (not behind their correct wife ;) ), and the cousins!

GooF :)

The iced lemonades were a huge hit. . . thanks Grammy and Grampa!

The rides were really neat once we were on them, but the lines were long and the sun was hot.  I appreciated the rides that we had fast passes for!

The girls in front of the castle :)
Touching the castle!

Mickey ice cream treats while waiting for the afternoon parade. . .thanks again Grammy and Grampa :)

                                                                 The "people mover" . . .Ainsley liked that ride. . .

Buzz Lightyear ride. . .somehow Ryker beat us all, even with my game face on ;)

One of the boys fav parts of magic kingdom was the pirate treasure hunt!  Ryker ran around saying, "Rrrrrr Mateys!" 

                                                        I think they found some treasure!

Thanks to Auntie Jenny for entertaining the crew while waiting for the evening parade. . .

                                        Trey and Ainsley clapped through the whole thing. . .

After the parade, lightshow, and fireworks, we began the trek back to our vehicle. . .this time taking the tram, along with many other families and many sleeping children!

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