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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Florida Family Vacation: Day 3

Sea World!  Another place I've wanted to visit for a long time!

The sea lion show. . .

                                                    Fun with the shark mouth. . .

                                                Trey was a big fan of the sharks. . .

                            We enjoyed some kddie rides at Sea World and the lines weren't long. . .
 The dolphin show at Sea World was one of my favorite things on vacation. . .the divers and the dolphins were impressive!

                                                         Cooling off at the spray park :)

Sitting in the splash zone at the Shamu show, and surprisingly not getting wet

There were 7elevens on every corner, and after a few big days of keeping track of our crew, these Double Gulps were just what we needed :)  My parents picked up pizzas and we headed back to the house for the evening. . .on the way we wanted a map and Ainsley asked how we could look at one without wireless lol

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Bethany said...

It looks like Sea World Orlando has some different things than Sea World San Antonio, but a lot the same. We have really enjoyed our times there! (Even the kindergarten field trip!)