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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Florida Family Vacation: Day 4

Posing by palm trees and gecko chasing, outside the house we stayed in. . .GooF did catch one gecko on our trip, and it bit at Ryker ;)

Then, it was off to Cocoa Beach!  Our kids have never splashed in the ocean before, so I was excited to take them to the beach!  GooF hooked up the wii in our rental van for the ride, and we cruised A1A Highway with the boys. . .  first stop, Ron Jon Surf Shop. . . tourist stop for non surfers?

As soon as the ocean was within view, they took off running . . .

Our kids first time playing in the salty ocean water. . .

Trey and Ryker spent a long time playing in the sand

our boys

Trey bought the green turtle you can see in these pics, with his own money.  He started playing with it and then said it wasn't worth more than 2 dollars (he paid 8) :)  He built it a home in the sand.  On the drive home, Trey asked if we had his turtle.  We said "no". . .we asked where he left it, and he said, "I buried it."  So, we sent the rest of my fam back to dig it out :)  They found it!

Ainsley, Taetum and Porter rode the waves all afternoon. . .

                                   The waves were big as we watched the tide come in!
A tree I stopped to take a pic of while on a stroller ride around Cocoa Beach putting Ryker to sleep.  Just so you don't think it was a lovely stoller ride, picture me sweaty, sandy, salty water covered, pushing a sweaty, sandy, salty water covered overtired two year old in his stroller.  But, I quickly succeeded in putting him to sleep.
Honestlly, my hair didn't look decent the whole vacation. . .it was either so humid I pulled it back or it was so soaking wet I pulled it back ;)
Speaking of Ryker sleeping, I am thankful he can fall asleep easily in his stroller. . .here he is napping on the first 3 days of vacation :)

I wouldn't suggest trying to push a stroller in the sand though.

 After 5 hours of spashing and swimming and sand playing, we were sunburned!!  We had applied sunscreen a few times, but obviously not enough because we were red. 

The girls and their moms got the giggles at bedtime. . .the poor things couldn't move or get comfortable.  Good thing Grandpa packed aloe.   Aloe darling, not to be confused with Alamo our rental car compay ;)
Here the boys are crashed one night at the house too :)

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Bethany said...

As I was scrolling down through the photos, I thought, I bet they were sunburned by the end of the day... poor girls. We have found that we all HAVE to wear sun shirts and hats in addition to sunscreen when at the beach, and also we learned the hard way that lotion sunscreen doesn't stick everywhere you apply it when there's sand involved. BUT I'm glad you all got to visit the beautiful ocean!