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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

School can be pretty dangerous sometimes and Trey likes to be prepared :)  Today our science experiment was building/launching a rocket (an experiment I admittedly passed on during my 1st trimester).  The alka seltzer in the film canister rocket didn't make quite as big of a chemical reaction as I was hoping for, but nonetheless, Trey was safe. . .

 Tonight we went on our 1st hike of the season. . .again, safety first for Trey. . .he wore his camouflage coat so he could blend in to his surroundings.  Where's Trey??

 The big kids have explored these trails alot, but this was the first time Ryker could really keep up with them, and he loved it. . .he put his hands in his pockets like his big bro and picked up a stick like his other big bro.  Here he is in true boy fashion saying "hiya" as he hits the trees with his stick ;)

We saw quite a few creatures tonight!  I think they haven't been scared away yet for the season. . .our favorite was a duck out on the pond that was walking on the ice and kept falling in. . then it had to try to swim through the icy water or get back up on the ice and fall in again. . .at dinnertime when we shared the best parts of our day, that was one of them :)
 spotting a squirrel. . .

 We then hit the park for awhile before heading to dinner (at McDonalds). . .another best part of their day :)
Thankful for a fun evening that completely wore out our crew. . .all were in bed between 7:30 and 8:30, completely tired and with dirty feet. . .

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