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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend 2013

 We had a very fun filled Easter weekend!  Friday we left at naptime (thinking Ryker would sleep while we drove. . he did not) to visit my grandparents.  The care center where they live had an Easter egg hunt, so the kids had fun with that :)  My parents treated us to a nice hotel room with enough beds for everyone (all the kids slept so great. . except Ryker. . are you noticing a theme?)  The kids loved swimming, exploring the hotel,  hunting for baskets and eggs from Grammy and Grampa bunny,  and DQ supper with Grammy and Grampa. 

 I usually dislike toys from the dollar store bc they break easily, but the dollar store blow up animals were a hit. 


While in the pool area, Porter thought it was the best day ever and was hoping it wasn't all a dream. . .he rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't dreaming ;)

 Ryker spent his pool time jumping into daddy's arms and swimming back to the edge.  Trey got really confident in the water this winter while we swam at Family Wellness, so he was holding his breath and swimming with his face under water. 

GooF and I were chatting that it really did feel like a "vacation" when we had grammy and grampa with us, bc 4 adults to 4 kids is a great ratio!  The 3 oldest are just so fun and independent (for instance, they packed for themselves. . .nevermind that meant packing one outfit to Porter and that meant packing just stuffed animals to Trey ;) )  Speaking of stuffed animals, Trey has 4 favorite stuffed animals...Winter, Baby Winter (both dolphins), Froggy and Baby Froggy (both frogs).  At the Easter egg hunt he won a stuffed duck.  I was waiting to hear what he'd name it. . you'll never guess. . .he named it Ducky and he asked if I'd get him a Baby Ducky :)
Back to how it really was a very relaxing vacation.  Even Ryker thought so. . .


Too bad he didn't get the memo that he was supposed to fall asleep on the van ride home ;)

Saturday night we dyed Easter eggs.  I gave Ryker an egg to stick in the dye.  Instead, he hit it against the side of the cup and cracked it open (like he's used to doing when we bake). . .he was surprised and confused that it didn't run everywhere.  This made the rest of us laugh pretty hard. 

Rykers cracked open egg :)  Did I also mention Ryker made us laugh pretty hard the other night when he called GooF "papi". . .the kid likes Dora. 
We also did Resurrection Eggs. 
Sunday morning the kids hunted for their baskets . . .we went to church and breakfast at church.  Grammy got the boys cute matching shirts that I was hoping to get a great pic of them in after church.  Well, Ryker spilled orange juice on his at church, so we took it off him for the ride home.  And you will never guess what happened next.  It was 10:30 am, he was shirtless, and he FELL ASLEEP on the ride home from church.  I guess those two days with no naps caught up with him!  GooF and I got a little nap in too before we headed to an annual Easter Egg hunt that we go to.

Trey got this glow in the dark "God is Love" cross at the annual Egg Hunt.  He was so cute with it, telling me how Jesus died on the cross.  I love to see the kids growing in their own relationships with Jesus, and pray that they may always know how much He loves them. 
We then went to a gathering with my other grandma and relatives.  It was a jam packed weekend. . .the kids did so great (minus Rykers sleeping).  There was a time when taking all of them out was difficult. . .for the most part, we are able to just enjoy them out and about now. . im not spending all my time chasing them, cutting up food, etc etc etc. (thanks to GooF. . .he is so helpful with Ryker).  I have a huge heart for my mama friends that have small children at home. . .their needs are many and I had some loooooong days counting down the hours til Ryan would get home from work.  With 3 of ours school age now, I am enjoying this new stage.  Hopefully #5 will just fit right in :)

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