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Saturday, June 25, 2011

CO vacation. . DAY 3!

I have a little tradition where I get my picture taken by state signs, and I keep them all in an album. I can now add Wyoming to the album!
We drove by ranch after ranch after ranch after ranch. Lots of nothing after nothing after nothing after nothing. We finally came to a little town called Lusk, Wyoming. . .thank goodness for Lusk. We found a bathroom and a Subway. . . and a long line for both (because there quite possibly is no other bathroom or place to eat between the Black Hills and Cheyenne). The kids were such good travellers! After Lusk, it was onward to Estes Park, CO!! We arrived at our lodge and were greeted by my parents, my sisters, and both of their families. The kids began "creature spotting"

and GooF was on "Bear Watch"

The cousins were so very excited to see each other!! The "girls room" sign in the lodge. . .

The girls got right to work journaling about their vacation thus far!

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Bethany said...

Glad you had a fun vacation! Looks beautiful there. A funny state line story: Chad was traveling into WY with the band. As they crossed the state line, they saw a woman getting her picture taken by the sign- completely naked! Hopefully there were no young, impressionable children around. ;0)