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Sunday, June 26, 2011

CO vaca. . DAY 4

Monday morning, we woke up to a beautiful day! Actually, most every day we were there the weather was gorgeous! The view from our cabin. . .The first few nights at the cabin, Ryker did not sleep well. . .maybe the very dry air? Grammy and Grampa were so helpful! They took the 4:30 am shift with Ryker and the 6 am shift with Porter (who hadn't adjusted to the time change). I think they enjoyed the time with their grandkids :)
They made us breakfast every day!! mmm. . .
while GooF was on bear watch. . .can you see him?

and although we didn't spot a bear (there was one at the cabin last summer), we did spot elk and coyote out this window!

We were all at the lodge to help my parents celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary! We are so very thankful for their love and commitment to each other over the years. I remember growing up, they'd tell me they were "committed." I'm so glad they were, and still are today.
They are committed to not only each other and their family,

but most importantly to God! I am so thankful I learned about the love of my Heavenly Father from my parents. On day 3, we packed picnic lunches and headed into Estes Park for some bike riding/hiking. We stopped at the lake to cool off!

Fun with Cousins! Yes, Ryker was along but he was in the moby wrap at this point :)

playing with grampas cross. . .

We ate our picnic lunch and walked around Estes Park. . .Grammy treated us all to DELICIOUS icecream!!! Then it was back to the lodge. . .

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