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Saturday, June 25, 2011

CO vacation. . .DAY 2

Unlike dinosaur park, if you haven't been to Bear Country, you are missing out! You start by driving through and seeing all sorts of animals up close. The bears walking right by your vehicle is sure to produce squeals from the children!And then you get to walk around and see Baby Bears!! We all agreed that they were so cute/playful and we couldn't take our eyes off them!
Feeding time for baby bears. . .

We made a quick stop at the Cosmos

and then headed to the 1880 train. GooF took the 3 oldest on it,

while Ryker and I drove to Keystone with the minivan so we could pick them up there. We had some time to walk around. . .watched them make taffy and bought some nasty pb fudge. GooF said the train was exciting for the first 5-10 min, but then they just have to sit there. We were eager to get to our hotel, so we pointed out Mt Rushmore to the kids and cruised on by. GooF says if you've seen the postcard, you've seen Mt Rushmore :)
The kids had had fun climbing on this smaller version :)
We had pizza at the hotel, explored and went swimming!

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