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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Zoo Day

We awoke to a beautiful spring day, so it was off to the zoo! If you look closely, you can see my reflection :)We visited Africa, which, by the way, is somewhere Ainsley wrote recently that she would like to go (to visit Ivy)! Sweet Trey, your pants were on backwards all day but hey, you dressed yourself and atleast they were "upside up" ;)and man, you're growing up Porter. . .counting down the days til the big 6! Ryker took his morning nap in the "hip hammock" I borrowed from my mom

and then it was home again, home again. I like to call these next photos, "Beauty in the midst of boy toys" or something like that:)

Hopefully we wake to another beautiful day on Saturday, as it is Race Day!


Nikki said...

Had fun catching up on your blog tonight Emily! Love you!

Bethany said...

Some things never change, like Emily going to the zoo. :0) Such cute kids! Miss you my friend!