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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This, That and the Other Thing

THIS is my grandpa Morris (with me holding baby Ainsley and that would be a maternity shirt, so prego with Porter)and his beloved bride of over 66 years! What a testimony!We shared many meals with him at my parents house on Sunday nights and 4th of July breakfasts (also prego when this picture was taken. . there's a recurring theme that I love : ) )and here's my Grandpa celebrating his last Christmas before he'd go see Jesus in heaven. GooF had me look over at him this day and Morris was BEAMING. The last time I really looked at my grandpa, he had a huge smile on his face. All of the great grandsons were given one of his old army hatsAt his funeral we found out ways he had served the Lord and others that we didn't know before. I was in church the Sunday after he died, and imagined him celebrating his first Sunday in heaven with his Savior. I am thankful for his many prayers over the years, and as my dad had all the great grandchildren stand up and sing "Jesus Loves Me" at the service, I was reminded of the love of Christ being passed down among generations. And THAT leads me to THIS boy. . .
THIS boy can pray. And he does. He has been given the gift of praying for others. His preschool teacher told me today that she had mentioned in class that her brother does not believe in Jesus. She said Porter started crying. Sure enough, tonight at bedtime he prayed for his teacher's brother. And he will most likely continue praying for him. Recently we had my friends little boys over to play. . . Porter started praying for them every night and I was able to share with Porter that one of them recently asked Jesus into his heart. THIS boy also loves to sing about Jesus and wants everyone to know Him and have eternal life with Him. Christmas morningAnd THE OTHER THING? We took our kids snow tubing for the 1st time! So fun!


Bethany said...

Emily, I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. I'm glad you have happy memories of him and that you know where he is now!
Thank you for sharing about Porter's gift. It is easy to just focus on the, um, more difficult parts of our kids' personalities, especially our more challenging kids! But it is so important to recognize the gifts God has given them. You are a good mommy Emily!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful, wonderful pictures and comments by YOU! I am so thankful you LOVE being a mom!