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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Big Kids

We took you big kids ice-skating recently and I watched as your personalities shone!

Ainsley, I hear from people what a good friend you are. When we got to the skating rink, you waited for your friend to arrive before hitting the ice! For you, it wasn't so much about learning to skate as it was about spending time with the people there :)
Porter, your determination on the ice was just like your determination in life. . .you fell,

and learned how to get up on your own. . .It was all about mastering ice-skating for you, and you can't wait to go back!

Trey, you just went with the flow. . .with a smile on your face!
Ainsley, you absolutely LOVE Sleepovers. . .giggling late into the night! At your last one, we went swimming (you finally got up the courage to go down the big slide recently and went over and over!),ate pizza and decorated cupcakes,took showers and put your jammies on,and finally fell asleep in a sea of dolls, blankets, teddybears, and pink galore!You, my girl, are a great big sister,and a daddy's girl
You, Porter, love to play in the snow
and have one fun daddy!
We recently started using "Love and Logic" with you and it works WONDERFULLY! God made you intense, strong, active, hilarious and with a huge heart. . .my son, you are at times difficult to raise, but we pray that you will use your strong will for good!

Trey, you are pretty easy-going, and act a lot like your daddy, you're content reading books, playing toys, and playing baby. . .And Ryker, no you're not a big kid yet, but you are STRETCHING out to be one. . .
stretch~ I just love your smile. . .sometimes you can't even eat bc you are looking up at me grinning :) and oh, the bubbles you've started blowing!Yes, you kids are getting big, but really it feels like we've had you forever. Even Ryker, at 3 months,

it's hard to remember life without you. You just fit right in to our now family of 6!
I love you and Jesus loves you, mommy
Those of you that pray for our family can be praying for us as we are making schooling decisions for next fall! Porter will be starting kindergarten and we will either be sending him to a Christian School for 1/2 days or the public school that Ainsley went to. He has been having a good experience with prek this year. . .the other students are excited to see him and he has learned so much. . .academically and most importantly, about Jesus! Ainsley is a wonderful student for me. . .she is a good listener, catches on easily and spends a lot of time reading. But with Porter going to school we are considering having her go too, which she thinks she may enjoy. It really is a tough decision, so thanks for the prayers!

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CycloneMomma said...

I'll definitely keep you in our prayers. Hannah's in her last week of public school so our roles are reversed!