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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scattered Joy

This post is scattered photos from here and there. . .and it's quite fitting for this time in our life :) But as I often feel scattered, there are those moments of joy, when I grab the camera. . .

and capture some of our daily moments. Even a late night mac n cheese snack. . .Sometimes my camera isn't handy. . .like today as I watched Ainsley skip/run with a bounce in her step into Art, while blowing many kisses back at us. And sometimes those moments of joy are in what they say, like Trey saying, "Hey daddy, that little guy is Ryker!" But those moments of joy are most definitely scattered amongst our day! You know, in between the whining, arguing and such :)

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Hollie said...

Oh my, Baby Ryker is a getting so big and what a cutie! I only have 3 and often times feel scattered and feel as if the only things I hear in a day are crying, whining and arguing. It is such a good reminder to take the time and enjoy the moments that I'm sure someday when they are all grown up I will miss:) Wish we were closer so we could enjoy the chaos over some coffee.