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Monday, January 31, 2011

There's just somethin

about havin baby Ryker around to love on. . .

Ainsley loved on him and made him into what she called an Egyptian baby :)

Porter loved on Ryker by putting Trey's shoes on him :)
And we love on him with kisses, lullaby singing, finger holding, mirror smiling, baby/baby nursery smelling. . mmmm :) and occasional smashing by his big bros

My mom always said every age was her favorite and it is true. . .

these girls are so fun right now. . .

but there's also just somethin about you, baby. . .
Thank you God for the gift of our children!!

Even when it sometimes feels like they are all over. . .well, I guess that's because they ARE all over. Sometimes our house is complete calm. . sometimes it is complete chaos. I guess that's to be expected with 4 kids 7 and under!

New videos. . .please excuse the mom with the baby talk voice ;)

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