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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Food Talk

"Mouthwatering". . .

"Tasty". . ."Delightful". . . "Savory""Soothing""Yummy". . .

Am 17 wks along with baby #4 and the online pregnancy updates compare your size to food. . you went from the size of a sesame seed, blueberry, kidney bean, kumquat, fig, lime, lemon, apple, avocado. . . to now being about the length of a bell pepper (no wonder we have cravings!) :) At my last appt, Ainsley and I heard your heart beating at 148bpm, you were kicking at the machine they use to listen with, and I have started to feel you move :) Tummy growth over 4 wks. . .pic on the right is 16 wks
Pretty soon my belly will look like I'm carrying a watermelon rather than a bell pepper :) Little one, you are "sweet" already.

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Bethany said...

Seriously Porter is the cutest (almost) 5 year old boy in the whole world. Especially when he's eating corn.