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Monday, May 24, 2010

5 Kisses on the top of your head

I couldn't go to sleep tonight without wishing you a Happy 5th Birthday Porter William! 5 yrs ago today, I heard the doctor say, "It's a boy!" and you made me a mommy of a son! Your sister wanted to pose on this rock, and so then you wanted to pose :). . .
Porter, you make us LAUGH. You love intensely and you get upset intensely. This morning Ainsley told you the first thing she thought of was "Porter's 5!" You hugged her and said, "Ainsley, you're the best sister I could ever have." Numerous times a day you tell me, "Mommy, did you know I love you? Mommy, you're the best mommy I could ever have! Mommy, I just love you." Numerous times a day I have to try and teach you to do what is right. You sing this song you made up every night, "Jesus loves you even more, even more, even more, Jesus loves you even more, and make sure to love mommy too." You always want 4 1/2 kisses on your head. . .or make that 5. . and then nobody can touch your head. You know that Jesus is with you and watches over you, and you are learning to say you're sorry and mean it. You love your friends and are my up and at 'em boy. . .soon after you're up, you're dressed and ready to play outside. You love all things remote control and do many things loudly and fast. I love the boy noises you and your brother make when you play. I love that you carry a doll on your back when playing with your sister. Porter William, YOU ARE THE BEST PORTER I COULD EVER HAVE! Happy 5th Birthday! Love, Mommy

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Bethany said...

Wow, it's been five years already! That means it has been five years since we left NE...
Happy birthday to Porter! I remember when you were wrapped in a pink blanket. ;0)