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Sunday, December 13, 2009

"The Best Day Ever!"

We surprised the kids with a little wknd getaway to Disney's "Nemo on Ice," and a night at a motel. They thought it was "The Best Day Ever!" After stopping at McDonalds for breakfast, GooF took the older two on a date to the show, while Trey and I spent the entire time at the GAP Outlet. . .ahhhhh. Then it was to the motel, swimming, out for ice-cream, ordering pizza, jumping on beds, etc. The biggest ordeal was shortly after Porter was eating his breakstick, when he noticed his tooth was missing (yes, it was wiggly for a few days. . . no, I didn't know my 4 1/2 yr old would have a loose tooth before my 6 yr old). So, we thought he must have swallowed it. Not long after the tooth fairy had come the next morning, Ainsley found his tooth on the floor of the motel room!!! Show me your new silly smile Porter. . .

There was lots of fun in the hot tub , and Ainsley taught herself how to swim across the pool on her back! I felt like, "such a mom" on the trip. . .

Trey woke up at 5:45am so he and I went down to the lobby and had continental breakfast with some "Snowbirds" travelling cross country who thought there was no way I was old enough to have 3 children. . .I felt like such a mom.

I drank coffee at a motel. . . I felt like such a mom.

Once, when the kids went swimming, I sat in one of those chairs by the pool, not in my swimsuit. . .I felt like such a mom.

I started cleaning up our hotel room. . .I felt like such a mom.

I was exhausted before we even left, after packing for myself and our children. . . .I felt like such a mom.

Well, you get the point. Am glad the kids had "the best day ever," and I really did enjoy family time. . .minus losing Trey for a bit in the hotel and having very sad kids when it was time to go. . . .but, overall enjoyable family time :)

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Bethany said...

I feel ya about the exhausted before you even leave... it's why we only did about 1% of the cool stuff we could have done in Japan.
If it had a pool and lobby, it's a hotel, not a motel. Motels are where you drive up outside and can walk right into your room... and they are usually icky and scary... and I stayed in one in Wayne, Nebraska. :0)