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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bunnies and Toad and Kids, OH MY!

Well, we had atleast 3 little pets at our home today. . and thankfully they all lived in our backyard. Two bunnies. . . And one toad. . .named "fire engine". . . The children spent all day taking care of them by feeding them and watching over them. Porter even "caught" a fly to feed to the toad, but by the time he got it to the toad it was more than "caught". . it was squashed. And off we went to wash our hands. . .again. Ainsley wants blankets made for the bunnies, and she diligently tried to feed them milk. We left the animals for awhile to go to a motorcylce parade at hot harley nights, which by the way, was really entertaining!!
Ainsley waved the whole time. . .We picked a spot to watch the motorcycles that was near B&G Milky Way. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Porter eat his messy ice cream treat. . .He ate the whole thing. . with a little "help" from dad. Then said, "That was good!"

When we got home, we rushed to check on the animals, and then had our own motorcycle parade. . .Followed by tubby time, and Trey putting his jammies on himself ("Azee" thought he needed the hat). . .And then it was LATE. And then it was time to LET. THE. TOAD. GO. And then there were some TEARS. More like MAJOR. TEARS. OF. SADNESS. You would have thought something horrible happened. . Porter was SO. SAD. letting the toad go. And when he bawled it made Ainsley bawl. Did I mention they were T-I-R-E-D TIRED?! GooF and I tried to keep a straight face but could not help but giggle. And then we checked on the bunnies, who must have gone to find the mother bunny for some milk.

And that, my friends, is the story of the bunnies, the toad and our kids.

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