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Saturday, July 25, 2009

1 Grammy, 3 sisters, and 2 girl cousins. . .on a girls trip!

My mom, sisters and I take a girls trip every summer. . .this year we brought just Ainsley and Taetum along with us. First stop. . mcdonalds. . . Thanks to our husbands for giving us some girl time! GooF packed up the boys and went to his moms house, and my sisters husband took their little guy to his moms house :) Thanks Gramma Becky! The destination this yr was Auntie Jenny's new house in MN! She had it all ready for us. . .juiceboxes, fruit snacks and even a barbie house :)

The girls said every part was their favorite part! We really enjoyed the childrens museum where the girls got to play store, cooking, etc. . .
and where they got to paint their own face. . .Taetums green face paint eyeshadow and her name on her forehead still make me laugh. . .At the childrens museum they got to go through a giant anthill. . .thanks to Auntie Stephy for crawling through it with them. . .And they enjoyed playing in the sand on the rooftop. . .so did I :)Experiencing life in the big city!!We ate at Rainforest Cafe. . .and Ainsley fell off her chair, hitting her head :( Thanks God for watching over her!

We explored the Mall of America. . .

Thanks Auntie Jenny for treating us at the Disney store, and Grammy for treating us on the rest of the trip :)We went to underwater adventures. . .And just enjoyed some girl time!!! Auntie Jenny had create your own ice cream sundaes for us after our busy day!
On our way home, we did some shopping at the outlet mall, for clothes for the girls for kindergarten!!!!

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