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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July!

Our fun filled 4th of July was full of family, friends, food, FIREWORKS, and a few fits :)
In preparation for the 4th, Taetum came over and I painted the girls' nails. Then we had an impromptu pizza night on the 3rd at Matt and Michelles house. . .it just might become a tradition. Michelle and I were going to watch the kids and let the guys go get the pizza in peace. . that is until all the children wanted to ride in the minivan with the dads ;).

On the 4th we had a "camping breakfast" at my parents. . .The girl cousins. . .The boy cousins. . .

Then we packed up and headed to Yankton. Uncle Chris and Aunt Lindsey, along with Grampa Seth and Gramma Becky had lots of fireworks for the kids. . .smoke balls, parachutes, flying bees, rockets, etc.

Catching the parachutes with the army men on the bottom. . . We laughed so hard at Trey walking around with the parachute stuck on his foot. . . Porter was IN. HIS. ELEMENT! He even got to throw a few "bees" into the water, making it bubble. Running around the smokeballs. . .The big boys. . .We had a fun time at Gramma Becky and Grampa Seths. . yummy potato salad. . .playing Old Maid, fireworks, and more fireworks. . .Later we went out to the river, kids dressed in jammies, to watch the big show! I loved watching the kids get excited about the fireworks! We stayed overnight and went to church in Yankton the next morning. I got to see my college friend Nikki and her family at church! The ride home ended in GooF and I both throwing fits, which made the kids laugh. . they insisted on us throwing more fits :)

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JulieM said...

It looks like you had a fun filled 4th. Isn't it so much fun to see the excitement through the eyes of a child.