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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Family Photos 2014

It's that time of year, when we hit the parks and they are swarming with photographers and fancily clad families posing for Christmas card photos.  The weather was gorgeous and the lighting was perfect the other night and our boys started posing ;)
Christmas card worthy?  Probably not. . .
but they sure had fun posing. . .
 Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like posing with a frog ;)
I think they were just glad it wasn't really their turn, and that they were already done with our annual family photo session!  One of my dear friends and mentors took our photos this year. . .

 Ainsley Brielle. . age 10

Porter William. . .age 9

 Trey Coleman. . .age 7

Ryker Matthew. . .almost 4 in this pic :) 

And as an almost 4 year old, he wanted to stand in front of us for this pic ;) 

GooF. . .age 35 lol

13 years of marriage. . .
62 years of marriage to go :) 
And just for fun. . .
Guess who picked this pose?  He saw this pic today and said "That is awesome!"  Glad he liked how it turned out :) 

 Next time we head to the Falls, I'm sure we'll be a lot less matchy, but Ryan said the photo session wasn't actually too bad ;) 


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