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Saturday, October 4, 2014

A "Piece of our Puzzle"

 Ryan and I, as well as our children, are so excited to be adding to our family through domestic adoption!  We were recently awarded a matching funds grant through Hand in Hand Christian Adoption Inc, to help with the expenses of our adoption!  In conjunction with this matching grant, we are doing a "Puzzle Fundraiser" and we need. . . .


We have a beautiful 500 piece puzzle that, when put together, will hang in our child's room with clear glass on the front and back.  For every 10 dollars that you donate, we will put your name on the back of a puzzle piece and add it to the puzzle.  As the names are added, and the puzzle comes together, we will be posting pictures on our blog :) 
Thanks so much to Julie Chen, with, for the lovely design on our puzzle! 
Want to hear the super fun part?  There are PERKS for different amounts donated :)  
$30:  Your name on the back of 3 puzzle pieces AND we will add you to the list of people we email/text a picture to first of us with our new little one!
$50:  Your name on the back of 5 puzzle pieces, a first email/text picture, AND a thanks for donating bookmark created by Ainsley!
$70:  Your name on 7 puzzle pieces, a first email/text picture, a bookmark, AND a magnet that has a picture of our puzzle on it!  We'd love for you to hang it on your fridge and pray for us when you see it!
$100:  Your name on 10 puzzle pieces, a first email/text picture, a bookmark, a magnet, AND guaranteed Christmas letter/picture from our family for the next 5 years!
$200 or more:  Your name on 20 or more puzzle pieces, a first email/text picture, a bookmark, magnet, Christmas cards, AND an invite to a grilled hot dog feed at our home after our child arrives!! 
*You can specify what names you'd like us to write on the puzzle pieces
If you do not receive a letter from us with more details, and would like to support us in this way, please email us at
 and we will send you one, as we would love for you to be a "Piece of our Puzzle!" 
This matching grant puzzle fundraiser goes until October 25th!  Feel free to spread the word!  Thanks for your support and prayers :)  Check back to watch the puzzle come together!

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