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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fall makes me think of

Football, Allergies, and Apple Picking!

Trey said he didn't need a bag to put his apples in. . .who needs a bag when you can just eat them fresh off the tree ? ;)

waiting for the tractor ride back. . .

Grammy joined us on our field trip to the orchard too!

Love that we can do some schoolwork, head to the orchard for some apple picking, haybale jumping, and animal watching, and then come home and finish up school!   Well, minus the fact that the kids all got hay stuck in their shoes and I was sneezing nonstop by the end ;)
Also, shortly after this photo, Ryker started writing on Ainsley's schoolwork and then they were no longer smiling sweetly at each other. . just so you know it's real life :)
Ryker also wanted to show you his new airplane bedding :) 
Happy Fall!  Football, Allergies, Apples and all!

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Bethany said...

There's no one watching football around here this fall, and no apples to pick, but I hear ya on the allergies! Fall makes me think of baking things with pumpkin and it FINALLY being cool enough to play outside in the afternoons. :0)