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Monday, September 3, 2012

Lifelight 2012

We love having this free Christian music festival so close to home!  It is a weekend filled with great worship music, dancing with friends, and lots of late nights. . .
 beautiful sunsets,
 encouraging and lifting one another up,
Sweatin in the afternoon heat while dancing to GoFish with mommy,
 and daddy. . .

 Praising God for the tractor ride to our minivan,

 lifting our hands up to our Heavenly Father,
 Extreme trampoline jumping, and flipping,

sk8 park demo,

growing relationships with friends,
and growing relationships with family,
 and did I mention late nights?

My favorite part of LifeLight this year was looking over at Ainsley, as Matt Hammitt from Sanctus Real was praying after he spoke.  As things of this world were going on around her, she sat with her head bowed and her hands folded in prayer.  My eyes immediately filled with tears of thankfulness to our Heavenly Father, because of the relationship she has with Him.  That is our desire, that our children will have their own personal relationships with Him.  It is one thing to pray at dinner time, and do devotions together before bed.  But I was awestruck at seeing our daughter choose to pray to Him, admist the things going on around her.  All praise and honor go to Him. . thank you Jesus. 

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